What is Best. Week. Ever.?

Best. Week. Ever. is a week-long collection of experiences across South Bend celebrating creativity, culture, and progress as a community. It is an invitation to celebrate our city and the things that are important to us. It is an opportunity to engage in experiences blending together to write South Bend’s story.

Every day will have a vibrant mix of unique things taking place all over our community…sometimes in unlikely places. From firework shows to outdoor concerts, there will be opportunities to experience new ideas and concepts from the variety of events and exciting promotions happening throughout the week.

Best. Week. Ever. Logo


The asterisk is an indication of additional information needed to fully understand the original thought. With that in mind, I saw symbolism in the way South Bend (and even Indiana as a whole) has been largely perceived. It is my feeling that when a negative judgment is made about this region or community, it’s because they aren’t looking at the whole picture. South Bend is rapidly becoming an unexpectedly ideal place to experience life and it’s the perfect time to showcase that fact.

With this logo concept, I’m putting a symbolic asterisk on South Bend, IN. The Best Week Ever festival is an annotation — an invitation — challenging the nation and the world to get the unabridged version of the South Bend story as we showcase the vibrancy of this community proudly doing extraordinary things in an unlikely place.


I like to imagine arms woven in peaceful embrace, cords connecting information from one port to another, or a map documenting travel toward a destination and back again. The circles represent the concepts of community, connection, and personal experience.


The six sides are a nod to the star on the City of South Bend flag, representing cultural diversity.


Honey Gold for hive activity = Progress, Pulse Red for lifeblood = Culture, Wave Blue for tides of change = Creativity​

2022 Sponsors

Best. Week. Ever. is something so big, we need an eclectic mix of partners from all sides of our community to join in its creation. Something so unique, we need an entire week to show it off.  A week celebrating creativity, culture, and progress. A week full of new experiences…A week like none other. YOUR financial support helps make our city’s dream – a reality. Thanks to our generous 2022 sponsors!